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Our main goal is to protect your information at any cost!

We genuinely feel respected that you have trusted us with your information and we consider it ourprime duty to protect your information. Therefore we have designed an itemized privacy policy to safeguard your information and make your trust worth our loyalty. We promise to keep your information out of reach of any outsider and keep it in the safest of our custodies. Our services favor your convenience and your work is the apex of our priorities. We assure you to be your most secretive confidant till the last date of our work and beyond.

Payment Methods:

Our payment methods are secured and legitimately secretive so that nobody else has access to your information. Once you are done with the exchange, the information is automatically discarded from our frameworks. This ensuresa 100% secure exchange free from any risk of deception. We have a range of payment methods for you to choose from. The most favored are Online exchanges and PayPal service .However once you select a service , you are not allowed to change it later. If you have a query about any other payment method that you wish to follow, kindly drop us an email and we will let you know.

Personal information:

Your information enters our database as soon as you fill our online form. It is further utilized for development and research purposes and is kept under extreme surveillance to avert any odds of your information getting exploited. You don”t have to stress over the information as it is absolutely sheltered and secured with us. If in case you are left with any doubts in your minds, feel free to make some research before approaching us. We have a long list of customers who are satisfied with our privacy policies, all thanks to our approaches and well-coordinated controlling systems.


The setting for cookies can be altered according to your requirement .Therefore, before bringing our web portal in use ensure that you have legitimately changed your setting accordingly in order to avoid future inconvenience. Other than that all the web setting should be improved in order to make the best utilization of our services. Our database servers are fully secured ensuring absolute data privacy and preventing any possibility of data breach . You can fully trust us and we will guaranty you a quality yield.