Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our prior commitment and we can’t see our clients feeling bitter about us. has a very customer oriented refund policy. Take a look at the refund policy page and learn about us. seeks your applause through its perfectly coordinated work. Your order is finished with utmost dedication to meet your specified objectives. Our refund policy is a testament of our absolute confidence in our work which is purely reflected in our client’s satisfaction as well. We have a bunch of extremely hardworking individuals who have worked together in reducing our compensation rates.Our refund policy is revised annually , taking into account our principles and our clients satisfaction level. We tend to measure operating with zeal and zest to satisfy your criteria in a very professional manner. However, refund is feasible as follows:

Late delivery of assignments:

Late submission of assignment is something that you would rarely encounter in AssignmentWebsiteUS2. However in case of such an occurrence, you are fully authorized to request a full refund and would receive it as per our refund policies. If the late delivery is entirely our fault then you would surely receive your refund on time.

If content quality is low:

If the content quality is not up to the mark and you are not fully satisfied, then you may request a full refund following revisions as per our policy. Paper may be revised up to three times however it is highly anticipated that the content quality will be improved in the very first time that you make a request. However if you remain unsatisfied with the revision, you may request another revision.

Incomplete content:

If the content remains incomplete and fails to incorporate your desired output even after several revision requests are made, then you all fully authorized to request a full refund. Incomplete content may be attributed to numerous reasons and therefore a thorough analysis is conducted to grasp the root of the complete matter and onlyafter that, refund is applied. If the incomplete content isn't entirely our fault, refund won't be accepted. However if it is the other way round we would grant you full refund.

Transaction issue:

If at any point of time, a wrong group action has been created, refund may be requested. Group action issue is a technical fault moreover. Therefore a thorough analysis is required to identify the roots of any explicit issue. Sometimes, group action is attributable to an assistant fault as well. If at any instance, a group action issue is formed, you must contact North American country forthwith to hide up the difficulty. We will take care of the technical issue and will assist you consequently. Our shoppers square measure our main priority and we assure you quality outcomes. Chargebacks at our company are condemned strictly. Client support panel is there to help you if you wish to ask for compensation.If a consumer takes a chargeback at any point of time then he/she is listed in the dishonorable list. This means that he would never be able to make requests for orders in future.Thus it is necessary to envision how the consumer is responding and whether or not he is functioning properly.