Advantages and Disadvantages of eLearning

Today, many of us have the access to the internet, and use internet for different things like researching for some information for college or school projects and downloading music, pictures, wallpapers, and screen-savers to get updates on the latest happening all over the world. Emails, instant messaging, and chats are all Internet of Things (IoTs). There are so many advantages of the internet, and one of those advantages is learning. You can educate yourself in the comfort of your own home and get a degree. With the emergence of new technology, even the impossible seems possible now.

Online Learning at a Glance

Web-based learning is commonly referred to as eLearning or online learning. In web-based learning, courses are offered to students on the internet. Emails, live lectures, and videoconferencing are all possible through the internet. This allows all the participants of online education to give their views about a particular topic, and then discuss those topics further. Students can take a print of course materials when course materials are provided to them. One of the major advantages of accessing pages on the web is that most web pages have hyperlinks that help students to get more information.

With online learning, students will not need to travel to a university and attend classes. With online courses, you can sit at home and learn. You don’t have to worry about attending classes or meting an irritate classmate if you learn things online. A web-based course mostly have course information, timetable, notice board, curriculum map, communication through discussion boards and emails, and teaching materials

Let us look at advantages and disadvantages of online learning:

Advantages Of eLearning
  1. Online learning allows you to link the different resources in several varying formats.
  2. It is an efficient method to deliver a course online to students.
  3. Resources are available from anywhere and at any time due to convenience and flexibility of online courses.
  4. Full time and part time students can take advantage of web-based learning.
  5. Web-based learning encourages active and independent learning.
  6. You will have 24 hours access to online course; therefore, you can train yourself anytime and from anywhere else.
  7. You do not have to depend on anyone for anything with the convenience and flexibility option of online learning.
  8. There is no hard and fast rule if you learn things online. You can train yourself on a day to day bases or weekends or whenever you have free time.
  9. Discussion boards and chats will enable you to interact with everyone online and also clear your doubts if you have any.
  10. The video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be reversed. You can see and hear the video over and over if you fail to understand topic the first time.
Disadvantages Of eLearning

Of course, there are also disadvantages of eLearning; however, advantages of online education exceed its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of online learning is theoretical. Online learning misses face to face instructions; however, it does not make the online learning process ineffective. Following are the major disadvantages of online learning:

  1. Most of online assessments are not theoretical as online learning mainly focuses on objective questions.
  2. Extent of security of online learning programs is also an issue.
  3. The authenticity of piece of work of a particular student is also a problem, because anyone can do an online project.
  4. Computer-marked assessments of online programs have a tendency to be knowledge-based and not necessarily practicality-based.
  5. Online learning misses face to face interaction, hence students in online learning programs find difficulty to communicate with their teachers.
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