General Guidelines for Writing a Narrative Essay

Writing has been one of the basic and the important activity for the students that have been practiced by the teachers by assigning them the writing work and the task like the essay writing, article writing or the reports writing etc. for the students, writing is one of the best ways to express the feelings, thoughts and the think of the mind into the amazing written words and the expression of the use of the creativity and the positive way of appearing in front of the people in the formal and good way.

From the basic education in the school in the primary level, the writing is considered to be the best and the amazing way to make the learning of the students and the best way to see how creative thinking ability the students have by writing them on general and the amazing topics for the testing of their abilities. Writing makes the students think and then write the best and the amazing stories that come up in the mind and then use their imagination and the memory to use the correct and the right choice of words for explaining the best and the creative way.

The writing is a vast practice and this is something that is not just limited to the essay and the article writing. There are so many of the best ways to write the amazing and different professional ways in the writing field. The narrative writing is one of the best and the unique ways to write and this makes the writing as being professional and career oriented.

A narrative writing or a narrative essay is one of the unique and the different way of writing. It describes the text or the content to tell a story and in this regard, the writer is allowed to share his own personal experience and the thoughts. Narrative writing involves the reader because of the use of the writer point of view and this keeps the reader engaged till the end and make the unique and amazing different story for the reader to read.

A narrative essay or writing have a set of guidelines that make the use of the point of view and the different points to make the narrative writing the best way for the reader.

Considering a topic is the first and the important guideline to start off with the narrative writing. The story that you are about to being, the audience should be the part of it and it should be engaged with it. It would be fair to say that the narrative essay cannot be a good one unless or until it has the importance and the involvement of the audiences with it.

Start the narrative writing with the draft. Plan the draft for the things that will be covered in the writing and it would a good practice to do this as it is difficult for the writers to start off with the completely empty minded and go till the end.

The elements in the story. The stories of the writer often have different elements like the introduction and the description, plot of the story, the main characters in the story, the setting and the other major and the key components that make the whole story effect and make the story progress too.

The point of view for the reader and the writer must be clear and the story should be given the clear instruction for the people that the main and the actual things are being covers and the key points the story are. The readers are the people or the listeners are the main audience for which this whole thing is being done. It has to be spot on and this should make the reader attracted towards the story and expect the unexpected at every single moment and this will keep his stick towards the end.

Highlight the key and the major points in the story with brief detail and make the writer speak the correct and the right words to describe the story. Main incidents and the vital explaining parts are to be dealt with precaution and this has to be explained with the detail as these are the highlighting parts of the story and this has to be covered with the detail and the explanation for the reader and the listener to understand and know the main points.

Narrative writing id one of the best and the amazing techniques of writing that the people can achieve with the effort and the hard work.

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