How to Make Better use of the School Library to Get Students Excited About it

School Library is a dedicated place on the school premises where the students, staff, and parents have to access a large number of resources. The main aim of the school library management is to provide an equal chance of learning to all the students and teachers. It serves as a coordinating organization which is responsible for supplying the students with the best educational tools. A librarian has the most important duty of managing the number of books and supplies within the library. Many teachers and faculty members encourage students to borrow book and resources from the library. They plan regular weekly or daily visits to the school library which gives a brilliant opportunity to the students to borrow the books and supplies according to their needs and interests. Here are some tips for making students excited to go and borrow books and resources from their school’s library: Parents Plan Regular Visit to School Library:

For young kids who have just started school reading books can’t be so exciting. But parents can play an important role to make it interesting for their young ones. They can introduce them to different picture books which will look exciting to them and help in creating their interest. They can read out the book loudly with them. A regular visit can make the kids understand the importance of going to a library. Kids should also be given a chance to choose a book from the shelf.

Teachers should know about all the books and resources available in the School library:

Teachers can play an important role in making the better use of the school library. They should keep note of new books and encourage their students to use the media resources, quiet areas for reading and learning and make use of the internet to do research for class assignments. All these exciting features of school library will make students excited about their visit to the school library and they will be able to make the best use of all the resources available within a school.

Coordinate with the Librarian to provide Best Resources to the Students:

Most of the school librarians are friendly and they have complete information regarding all the books in the library. They love to help both teachers and students to find the best books. The class teacher can coordinate with the librarian in advance and arrange the books related to the subject being taught in the classroom in the library during a visit. This can help in making students excited. Reading their subject related books can expand their knowledge and keep them up to date in their studies.

Conduct Book Talking Sessions:

A Teacher can encourage the students to borrow a book, read it and then share their reading experience with other classmates. This book talking sessions can help in making students excited about reading and borrowing books from the school library. You can conduct talks about new books or on topics like why reading is important or how reading helps in improving an academic score. The librarian can make it exciting by showing students book trailer in which you can hear exciting narrations and sounds which can make students excited about their school library.

Teachers can plan a weekly visit of their class to the school library:

The teachers can plan a weekly visit to the school library in order to make the students familiar with the ambiance.  Teachers can make this visit exciting by dividing students into small groups and give them a topic. The students will have to use the school library resources to do research and prepare a project. The students can be encouraged to use their library card to borrow their favorite book and discuss with the rest of the class after the weekend. This process will make them excited about their visit to the school library every week.

Conduct Daily Reading Sessions:

Teachers can ask the student to choose five or ten books of their interest from the school library. Then in the classroom, reading time can be conducted where the teacher can read out one or two book every day and then they both can talk about what was in the book. This will help in making students excited about their visit to the school library.

Many studies prove the importance of the school library. According to an American research paper students who made the right use of educational resources and books from their school library proved to be better readers and learners as compared to other individuals who did not visit their school library keenly.

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